Vice President
Brief info

Nadia Zouiten was born in Tunis, Tunisia. Following school at the French Lycée in Tunis, she enters university in Lyon, France, where she gets a Master Degree in Applied Foreign Languages (French, English, and Spanish), from Lyon II University and various other language degrees.

​After several training programs and professional experiences, as interpreter, in Spain (Barcelona), the United States (Boston), France (Paris), Switzerland (Lausanne) and Great-Britain (Reading), she decides to settle down in Tunisia where she actually starts her career as interpreter and translator, both for national and international conferences in the mid-90s. AIIC (International association of conference interpreters) Member since October 2010. She works for international organizations, mainly the AfDB (African Development Bank), UNDP, IHF (International Handball Federation), Visa Inc., la FAO, among other bodies.

​She has started at the same time a career as dancer, from 1986 to 1992 (dancer-trainee in the Tunisian National Ballet, from 1989 to 1992, and assistant-choreographer in 1991), and as dancer-actress with a dance-theatre company (Théâtre Phou) from 1989 to 1997, touring mainly in the Middle-East and Latin America and attending international festivals.

​Since 2009, she is politically active in France in the Socialist Party and since 2013 in Tunisia in Al Massar. She is committed to the defense of the environment.

​She speaks fluently French, English, Spanish and Tunisian.