President & CEO
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Khaled Akid is an experienced Entrepreneur who brings over 25 years experience in Technology, Finance and Business Administration.

​He is presently President & Chairman of KJ HOLDINGS CORP, Chairman of the Board of PM&E Inc. (OTC: PMEA) and of SEILON Inc. (OTC: SEIL) and President & Chairman of KJ Holdings Corp. in Calgary.

​He has held various executive positions in sales and management at technology and telecommunications companies across Europe and the United States i.e. President & CEO of Amitelo AG in Zurich / Switzerland, Executive VP of GNT Global Network Telephone in Frankfurt / Germany, Sales Director of CATEL Telecom AG in Frankfurt.

He has been the founder of several Start-up companies across Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to name a few: GlobalNET Beirut, MIDNET Beirut, SUN Telecom GmbH Frankfurt, SUNTEL Casablanca, Amitelo AG Zurich, and Yatinoo in Boston.

​He has succeeded several listings of his own founded companies on several stock exchanges on the OTC Market, OTCBB and on the Entry Standard, Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

​He was instrumental in achieving record annual growth for GNT with sales of 5 million growing over 57 million Euros within 2 years of time.

​Khaled Akid spent 7 years with the U.S. Department of Defense and its U.S. Contracting Command in Europe, where he managed procurement of $30 million USD in Augsburg.

Khaled Akid was educated at the ISG Institut Superieur de Gestion in Tunis / Tunisia and both the U.S. Army Defense Management College in Fort Lee, New Jersey and the U.S. Air Force University of Technology in Ohio.

​He speaks fluently Arabic, French, English, German and basic Spanish.