Chief Financial Officer
Brief info

Jedidi Ben Romdhane, Tunisian national, brings over 16 years of solid experience in Management, Administration, Corporate Finance, Bookkeeping and Auditing.

​In the beginning of his career, Mr. Ben Romdhane had been employed as a Financial Auditor in an auditing Firm for a period of four (4) years.

​He then founded his own accounting & auditing firm in 2001, where he gained a solid experience in the field of Accountancy, Tax Planning and Business Management, as well as auditing companies from various fields of activities.

​He has succeeded to expand his own firm and engaged over four (4) high profile employees assisting him in accountancy and auditing of the various and numerous national and international clients.

​During his career, Mr. Jedidi gained wide experience in Investment and co-founded a Tunisian- Italian Joint Venture company in the agricultural field.

​He is presently engaged as a CFO for PM&E Inc. (OTC: PMEA) and SEILON Inc. (OTC: SEIL).

​Jedidi graduated in Business Administration, he earned a Master Degree in Finance & Management at the Bardo’s ISG Superior Management Institute, Tunisia.

​He is fluent in French, English and Arabic.