Brief info

He was born on April 3rd, 1934 in Tunis, he is married and has two daughters, Nadia and Sophia.

​CEO of KODAK Tunisia, then CEO of CULLIGAN Tunisia.

​He has retired and is now wholly devoted to the development of motor sport with an ambitious integrated Formula 1 circuit in Tunisia.

​His associative life has always been busy, starting with scouting in Tunisia and France, then member of the National Junior Chamber (from 1969 to 1982), then Founding President of the Tunis national Junior Chamber, first Tunisian International Senator of JCI, and Founding President of the African Senate of the Junior Chamber. Founding member of the Ariana Kiwanis Club, since 1983, founding member of the International Club of Frequent Flyers and Founding President of the Tunis Frequent Flyers Club (from 1984 to 1986).

​Presently President of the Tunis National Automobile Club, President of the Maghrebi Automobile Federation, ex-member of the FIA (International Motor Sport Federation) World Tourism Council, international sporting steward (holder of the Super License), since October 2004, member of the FIA World Rally Commission.

​In politics, he is a Liberal democrat, respectful of the rule of law and institutions. First candidate for President of the Republic in 1974, against the first President of the Republic of Tunisia, Habib Bourguiba.

​Since May 2003, at the head of motor sport in Tunisia, he is restructuring, establishing and organizing new competitions. He is presently addressing the challenge to make of motor sport a true partner of development.