About Us


BITRACE Token (BRF) is the property of KJ Holdings, it has been transferred from the British Bitrace Investments Ltd. to the Tunisian KJ Holdings SARL, the token is listed on the Cryptocurrency Exchange STEX (www.stex.com) and has been trading for almost two (2) years.


KJ Holdings is the promoter and the developer of TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY SA, the company is in process of incorporating a regulated Fund in Tunisia to manage the investments to be made in TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY and other related projects.


BITRACE Token (BRF) is the sole and exclusive Cryptocurrency to be used within the developments of KJ Holdings i.e. TUNISIA RACING F1 CITY and other Touristic projects.

For more information, please contact us under : info@kj-holdings.ca